Aidiwei Rotomolding Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Ningbo, Zhejiang, the birthplace of China's rotomolding. Its predecessor was Cixi Aidiwei Plastic Industry Co., Ltd., which was officially upgraded to Aidiwei Rotomolding Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. in early 2016. The majority of Eddie people, for 20 years, focus on the development and manufacturing of rotomolding technology, bold innovation, and constantly try to overcome the difficulties.
Eddie created history with a pragmatic spirit. The era gave Ai Diwei the mission of development. Ai Diwei is based on China's military industry. Today, Eddie is not satisfied. From the initial stage of large-scale water tower production, the earliest use of rotomolding process The production of floating buoys for offshore floats has involved the design and processing of rotomolded diesel tanks, the development and production of urea tanks, and the processing and production of rotomolding parts for agriculture and animal husbandry. 
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