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Rotomolding Long Box
Category:Emergency Rescue
Product parameter:Product Name: Rotomolding Box
External dimensions:1710mm*300mm*260mm
Inner dimension:1650mm*260mm*240mm
Cover depth:80mm
Cabinet depth:160mm
Product weight: 20KG
Wall thickness: 6mm
Strength: 12M high altitude 360° free fall, no deformation, no damage.
Protection level: IP67
High and low temperature resistance: 90° above zero-40° below zero
The color is army green, rotating buckle, inlaid handle, inlaid hand position, inlaid hinge, stackable at the bottom,
High-strength polyethylene, lock buckle and handle: 3 lock buckles on the front, 2 lock buckles on the side, 2 left and right handles are made of 304 stainless steel, handles are placed on both sides of the box, and the handle is designed with a rubber ring. The upper cover is wavy sponge, and the lower case is shock-proof laminated sponge.

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