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Cixi Aidiwei Rotomolding Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of rotomolding technology for 20 years, boldly innovating, and constantly trying to overcome many difficulties.
Adiwei has created history with a pragmatic spirit. The times have given the development mission of Adiwei. Adiwei is based on China's military industry. Today, Adiwei is committed to making it from the first-level large-scale water tower production to the first use of rotational molding technology. Offshore floating ball pipeline floats have successively involved the design and processing of rotomolding diesel tanks, the development and production of urea tanks, and the processing and production of rotomolding parts for agriculture and animal husbandry. Rotomolding products are not only innovating, and we dare to be the first. In the end, our company will develop into the field of military rotomolding boxes.
In response to the requirements of relevant departments, the current special military equipment products of Edwin Rotomolding Company mainly include: military safety protection box group, ammunition packaging box group, firearms packaging box group, combat readiness storage box group, field first aid box group, field supplies Box group, field incubator group, military maintenance box group, military cultural box group, communication equipment box group, shock-absorbing rack box group, field portable diagnosis and treatment system, field command system, police equipment emergency system, information storage integrated system Wait. The special set of military equipment developed and produced by Edwin Rotomolding provides a good solution for the box assembly, modularization, integration, unitization, intelligence, rapid response, traceability and visualization of military equipment, and meets the needs of new The development requirements of new military warfare, new combat forms, and new weapons and equipment.
Aidiwei has always been adhering to the corporate philosophy of "Love China, Raise my country's Prestige", and wholeheartedly provide security guarantees for military logistics and solid protection for weapons and equipment.

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