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Category:Cultural equipment

Product parameter:

Model: 600 * 400 * 420

Outer size: 600mm * 400mm * 420mm

Internal size: 500mm * 310mm * 300mm

Box cover depth: 50mm

Box depth: 300mm

Product weight: 20KG

Wall thickness: 6mm

Strength: Free fall from a height of 12M at 360 °, with no deformation or damage to the appearance.

Protection level: IP67

High and low temperature resistance: above 90 ° - below 40 °

The color is military green, with rotating buckle, embedded handle, embedded hand position, embedded hinge, and stackable bottom,

High strength polyethylene, locking buckle and handle: 3 locking buckles on the front, 2 locking buckles on the sides, and both handles are made of 304 stainless steel material. The handles are placed on both sides of the box, with rubber rings on the outer sleeve. The upper cover is corrugated cotton, and the lower box is shockproof with a layer of sponge.

Release date:2023-09-07

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